As the Director of Dealer Services for FIXD Automotive, I took on several roles. I was responsible for the product roadmap, future vision and planning as well as the planning and success of each two week sprint for our APIs, dealer dashboard offering and our Mobile Solutions (iOS and Android) known as CarRx winning a top industry award just one year after launch.

Dealership Dashboard

Data driven overview platform designed to make customer engagement easy for an automotive dealership. Users are presented with an easy to understand snapshot of how and what the system knows and how customers are responding.

My role was to enhance the dashboard functionality, provide new functionality and improve the overall experience of the dealership user.

Skills Applied:
  • Requirements gathering

  • Research and Analysis

  • Backlog Management

  • Sprint / Quarter / Annual Planning

  • 3rd Party Stakeholder Management

Customer View

The customer view breaks down customers (and their vehicles) into categories to allow for a BDC to contact directly or follow up with the customer regarding their vehicle. The system also provided analytics so it knows (via connected vehicles and similar trends for vehicles) when a vehicle is due or potentially past due for service or is experiencing a vehicle system failure (Check Engine Light). My changes added more useful categories, while removing useless ones, to enable dealerships to quickly view action items without the need to export to a spreadsheet and run filters outside the dashboard.


Appointment view provides a schedule of all appointments booked through the CarRx programs. This allowed users to adjust campaigns and judge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts as compared to the classic CRM method of "timed messages." The updates to appointments added service item details, and the name of the user (hyperlinked to a detailed customer / vehicle view to enable easy contact to the customer).

Dynamic Campaign Manager

Along with the dashboard enhancements, the campaign manager was in need of a feature overhaul. The existing campaign manager consisted of two types of messages.

The first was a simple campaign of select the users and send a message as either an email or a Mobile app message.

The second consisted of using integrated system triggers to automatically send messages under that specific criteria. (Check Engine Light, Maintenance Due, Low tire tread, oil change due, etc. )

The changes to the campaign manager were much more in-depth and a massive improvement over the initial version.

Enhanced Workflow Management Engine

The new campaign manager engine was built on a dynamic workflow that could be adjusted by the customer. This would allow the system to make decisions at various intervals before service was needed (500 miles, 250 miles, etc.) or even change tactics completely (for example: if ownership was more than 4 years old and the check engine light was activated, focus on a trade-in opportunity, rather than service reminders.)

Multiple Message Model

The new version could send dynamically different messages to users depending on where they were in the new workflow. These messages could be sent to email or via are in-app mobile message or via both.

Improved Analytic and Dashboard Displays

The final improvement to the new campaign manager involved adding much needed marketing funnel metrics to the dashboard system. This involved ensuring our data could track mobile and email messages along the way and report opens, clicks, clears, spam, deletes, and conversions to appointments. The new graphs and charts could be compared by channel or by goals (service, trade-ins, lost service reclamation, etc.) to better understand which message type and channel worked for each specific goal. As an example: Trade-in opportunities might have a higher rate of success via email, but service reminders could be more successful via mobile notifications.

Consumer Mobile Solution

The CarRx Mobile solution was developed for the Automotive dealership customer. It allows the customer to receive messages from the dealership, book appointments, view vehicle diagnostics, recalls and issues, locate the vehicle and report it as stolen if necessary.

My role was to gather requirements from our partner (who supported the Stolen Vehicle Recovery features), create the backlog for the mobile application and our server backend, provide input on the UI/UX design, manage the development sprints and ensure all our data could support the features, QA testing and regular demonstrations to stakeholders with a successful delivery.

Skills Applied:
  • Requirements gathering

  • UI / UX design assistance

  • Backlog Management

  • Sprint / Quarter / Annual Planning

  • 3rd Party Stakeholder Management